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·         Sharpening Supplies Water Stones are constructed with a vitrified bond rather than a resin bond. We find that gives them a responsive feel in use. You can feel the cutting action while using these stones. They feel firm, not muddy or soft like some other water stones can.

·         They are a soaking stone, and do need to be placed in water for 10-20 minutes until saturated before use. However, unlike other stones that discourage storage in water, the bond of Sharpening Supplies Water Stones will not degrade with long term water contact.

·         Wet stone sharpener kit for for any item you want sharpened and polished, including kitchen knives/hunting knives/ fruit knives/outdoor knife/blade/ scissors etc. (Except serrated knives and ceramic knives).This sharpening stone can greatly increase your tool life and make your life easier.

·         These are well balanced stones. Often, stones are fast precisely because they break down quickly and expose fresh grit when used. Stones that don't break down as quickly on the other hand sacrifice some speed of cutting for the benefit of holding their shape longer. We're very pleased with how our Water Stones balance the two attributes. They emphasize fast cutting action, some of the fastest we have seen. Yet they also keep their shape well, not requiring excessive resurfacing.

·         We has designed a new series of stones that produce a higher level of hardness, carbide, and abrasion resistance for the modern day. Weunderstands chefs need to sharpen their knives as efficiently and effectively as possible and as such this new series of stones incorporate a higher level of abrasiveness to achieve a consistent finish in minimal time.


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